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My Story

Welcome to Natural Pampering.

My name is Samantha and I am the maker of Handmade Natural Soap, Luxurious, Bath/Skincare Products, Honey and Handmade Beeswax Candles.

My products are made using my honey, beeswax & homegrown herbs, inspired by the glorious British Countryside.

I have a passion for natural health and have spent many years researching, experimenting and using natural skin care products.

I lead a green and sustainable life and make and sell plastic-free/zero-waste products at very affordable prices to encourage others to lead a more environmentally friendly lifestyle.
This will not only benefit their overall health/mental health but also financially and will make the planet a greener place.

Due to cutting out chemicals from the products I used my health and skin have benefitted.
I was a severe asthmatic, hay fever and allergy sufferer and had extremely bad Eczema. I believe that due to the changes I made my Eczema has gone, asthma is now mild and through consuming my Honey the Hay fever has reduced greatly.

I created "Natural Pampering" as a result and would like to promote handmade natural skincare to others. I hope you too will now enjoy luxurious products, amazing natural scents, chemical-free products at reasonable prices. These are all suitable for those with sensitive skin and many skin conditions.

I use the finest 100% essential oils, clays, minerals/oxides, butters, oils, waxes, herbs, exfoliants, botanicals and both beeswax and honey from my own "busy" bees to produce quality products.

I gain lots of inspiration for my products through working on my Fathers farm, my love of the beautiful Buckinghamshire countryside, colours and scents from the natural environment around me.

I use Honey or beeswax in lots of the products due to their amazing healing, soothing and luxurious properties.

My Cold Processed soap is made using; Luxury oils, butters, honey and spring water hand stirred and blended together. It also contains Essential oils, herbs and other botanicals making a beautiful, moisturising and great lathering soap. These take 4-6 weeks to cure, but are well worth the wait!

Why not visit me in my shop :-)
Natural Pampering
15-17 Market Place
Market Square,
NN13 7AB

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