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Eco Floss is the natural choice for safe flossing. Made of plant-based material, this product started life as corn from a previously wasted by-product from the food industry. Eco Floss is made from 100% renewable resources instead of the normal crude oil plastic alternatives and uses 80% fewer greenhouse gasses than regular floss. Made of corn and food-grade vegetable wax only. Eco Floss is 100% vegan and also has NO GMO contained. Made in the EU. Generous 50m bobbins.
nd as an added bonus, there is a possibility to compost this floss in certain areas in your food caddy for industrial composting or at home - only if you have a HotBin.At a close up, EcoFloss is:100% Plant-Based100% Vegan100% Renewable Resources80% fewer greenhouse gases than regular flossBiodegradable without pollution in certain conditionsNo GMOsNo Palm OilMade with plant-based packagingGenerous 50m bobbins

Eco Floss - Plant-Based Vegan Dental Floss

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