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BPA Free Nylon 4 Bristles
Size: approximately; Length 18cm Bristle length 1.2cm
I love these they are a really nice alternative to plastic toothbrushes, with bamboo being so sustainable I think they are the most eco way to brush your teeth.

Please note that the bristles are nylon. There isn't a fully biodegradable toothbrush on the market apart from those that use animal hair in the manufacture of the bristles.  I decided to go for the vegan-friendly option 
I recommend once you have tired out your brush you pull out the bristles with pliers and recycle. Then get creative in recycling the bamboo handle, I use mine for plant markers in my garden. 

Bamboo is environmentally friendly because it grows fast, over a yard per day, plus bamboo can grow in close proximity to each other, bamboo can be a very sustainable crop; a fast-growing grass, it requires no fertilizer and self-regenerates from its own roots, so it doesn't need to be replanted.

 -Toothbrushes should be replaced every 1-3 months
-Eco-friendly bamboo handle
-Recyclable plastic-free packaging
-Bpa free, vegan-friendly bristles   
-Medium softness bristles 


Keep the earth green, According to the Dental Health Foundation, each person goes through an average of four toothbrushes a year and millions* of these end up in landfill in the UK alone.  All that plastic even leak pollutants into the surrounding soil and water. 

Store in a free draining way to allow the brush to dry out after use. 



Bamboo toothbrush

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